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Introducing the Life Blood Mobile Facility at Terrace Central: A Vital Community Contribution

Starting February 2024, Terrace Central is proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative set to make a significant impact in our community – the Life Blood Mobile Facility. This new venture, occurring four times a year, will be conveniently situated in the loading dock area, adjacent to the rear of Australia Post.


The Life Blood Mobile Facility is a testament to our commitment to community health and welfare. By hosting this vital service, we’re providing an accessible and convenient way for our community members to contribute to a life-saving cause. Blood donation is a simple act that can save countless lives, and by bringing this facility to Terrace Central, we aim to make it easier for our patrons to participate in this noble effort.

The decision to locate the facility near Australia Post was made with accessibility and convenience in mind. The loading dock area provides ample space and privacy, ensuring a comfortable and efficient donation experience for all participants.
We invite all eligible donors in our community to join us in this initiative. Whether you’re a first-time donor or a regular, your contribution is invaluable. The dates for the Life Blood Mobile visits will be announced well in advance, allowing everyone interested to plan their visit and be a part of this life-saving journey.
At Terrace Central, we believe in giving back and supporting vital causes that benefit our community and beyond. The introduction of the Life Blood Mobile Facility is just one of the many ways we’re striving to make a positive impact. Stay tuned for more details on this initiative as we approach its launch in February 2024.
Join us in making a difference, one donation at a time. Your contribution could be the gift of life for someone in need.